Proven Tips That Could Help In Boosting Your SEO In 2019

by | Oct 17, 2018

Now is the time to evaluate your SEO strategy. It’s important to revisit your current strategy and identify the best ways to improve upon it during 2017. New year resolutions are not just about personal goals, but also the time to reevaluate business goals as well. It could be very helpful to make the best out of a phoenix SEO campaign to ensure better ranking, value and authority.

How To Add Value To Your Strategy

The best way to add value is to add content that helps in this objective, while ensuring that it remains relevant to the target audience. It is not about coming out with quality content but also understanding the needs and requirements of the target audience. Only when the queries are relevant in searches, will content also become relevant. Therefore quality content addressed to relevant audience will make all the difference. Here are a few tips that could add more value to your content:

  • Come out with popular topics and ensure that content are relevant to it.
  • Understand more about your audience because it will help you to have questions which you are likely to answer.
  • Try to have the right combination of timing and context of your content which will help to overrun your competitors.
  • Never hesitate to expand the niche area, subject to your content being useful and relevant to your target audience.

How To Facilitate Browsing Experience

SEO can survive and grow only with best of user experience. Hence it could be a good barometer to find how it impacts traffic to your sit. User experience does not begin with visit to your site. It starts much earlier and according to experts 95% of online experiences begin with a search.

You must therefore ensure the right tweaks have been made to which will ensure smooth visit:

  • Spend some time to test your site links and ensure that broken links are avoided. This will reduce error page or reduce duplicate content.
  • Good content is something that is appealing both for search engines and users. Hence readability and crawlability should be given the importance it deserves.
  • Navigation should be good and the users should be able to browse the pages seamlessly. Moving from the main menu to the various links within a website or within pages should be effortless. It is important to ensure that even the smallest details are taken care of.
  • Page speed is crucial and hence you must test it every now and then. Heavy images and unwanted scripts can slow the site and the same should be always avoided as best as possible.
  • Mobile optimized contents are becoming important and Google also takes AMP into account while rating pages and sites. Hence it is high time you started understanding AMP better and started experimenting.


Spend More Time On Your Content

2016 and years before have proven that search engines focus on quality content rather than how best it is optimized. Hence instead of spending time on optimization it would be better to spend time on quality and appeal of your content. You must monitor keywords regularly and the statistics of the sites find out how engaging your topic is and understand what users want from our page.

There also is the need to expand content with new ideas or even look at content which is evergreen. Look at your content from the reader’s perspective and not from the search engine’s perspective. Be sure that the topics and the structure are appealing to your target audience. At the end of the day a combination of quality content and best of user experience can positively impact your SEO rankings.


Visual Content Needs Optimization Too

Visual content is becoming extremely important. It complements and supplements text quite brilliantly. In some case it also could replace it. Therefore it does impact SEO quite a bit. Quite often we tend to overlook the fact that visual content should also be optimized for search engines. The best thing is that it takes only a few minutes to ensure that it positively impacts SEO performance. The following few things could be useful:

  • Be careful with the titles
  • Never forget to add metadata, alt text and keywords
  • Keep a watch on the size of the files
  • Try and come out with a video transcript which will help to discover your content from search engines
  • It makes better sense to hosting the video on your own site, rather than on YouTube
  • Make your content unique, and ensure that it is shareable
  • Online Footprint Should Be Up-to-Date

It is quite possible that the online impressions could move to various platforms which we could have tried at some point and abandoned. Therefore it makes great sense to experiment new platforms to be more aggressively present. Even if you are not using the platforms, ensure that they remain up-to-date at all points of time.

You could be having a Google+ page but you may not be using it any more. You must ensure that the details available there are accurate because it could help your users to know more about your business.


Create A Planner For 2019

It would be advisable to create a spreadsheet which effectively monitors your online presence. It should be updated regularly and checked once a month to ensure that the information is updated. It could turn out to be quite useful.

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