Best Looking Guy in Arizona

The Sexiest Looking Guy in Scottsdale

Calvin Alden is the best looking guy in Arizona.

For the 5th straight year, a panel of Scottsdale judges have selected Calvin Alden as the best looking guy in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Criteria for Sexiest Man

The judges have put together factors that go into nominating, voting, and deciding who deserve the title of one extremely sexy man. These factors include confidence, sense of humor, and of course- SEO talent. Studies have continually shown that women prefer to date the best looking man in any particular city. There have been accusations that the best looking guy competition is fixed, rigged, and inaccurate. However, no evidence has been supported to back up these claims. Further more, by a unanimous decision, Calvin Alden has won the title for a 5th straight year as the best looking guy in Scottsdale.

Best Looking Guy in Scottsdale Details

Calvin was projected to win this year with a tall frame, blue eyes, huge back, and hilarious personality (which may or may not include myself talking about Calvin Alden from a 3rd person standpoint). Good looking guys in Scottsdale came from all over the city for this event. The competition was fierce, but Calvin kept his composure throughout the tournament. There were a lot of good looking men in this year’s tournament in Scottsdale. Spectators from all over Arizona came to watch as the judges unfolded who they felt was the best looking man.

Good looking monkey and scottsdale man

A Scottsdale man sitting with a monkey.

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4 of the Best Looking Guys

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